Baker and Assistant Baker

*The masculine is used only to lighten the text. People of all gender identities are welcome to apply.*

Hello and thank you for your interest in La Beignerie! We are looking for a few reliable, motivated, detail-oriented and creative employees to join our team! The positions available are: Baker Assistant and Baker . They will be filled according to the experience of the candidates.

The Assistant Baker is primarily a donut decorator, but will frequently be called upon to assist the Baker during his shift. He must have an eye for detail and want to create aesthetically pleasing donuts. He must be able to work quickly and clean while meeting or exceeding our quality standards. This is the entry level position to become a Baker.

The Baker weighs the ingredients, mixes them, forms the dough, rolls the dough, cuts the dough into donuts, proofs the donuts and fries the donuts. In addition, he prepares the icings and toppings and ensures that stocks are kept up to date. He is the leader in the kitchen most of the time and is responsible for leading the team.

All positions require a lot of cleaning, as there are no divers. Everyone washes the dishes, the floors and keeps the place tidy.

All candidates must absolutely:

  • Have one year of experience working in a commercial kitchen.
  • Be able to work alone, without supervision.
  • Be sociable and able to work with others.
  • Be proactive about cleaning and want to keep the kitchen tidy.
  • Feel great satisfaction in keeping the work environment clean and tidy.
  • Be available and willing to work early in the morning.
  • Be able to lift and carry loads of 50 pounds.

Benefits : Free donut and coffee every day, uniform provided

Schedule : weekends

Experience :

  • 1 year of work in a bakery (preferred)
  • 1 year working in a commercial kitchen (required)

License : certificate in Hygiene and Sanitation MAPAQ

Hours per week : 20 to 29

Usual schedule : Baker 5AM to 1PM - Assistant 6AM to noon.

Salary : Baker $20/hour - Assistant $17/hour (+$6/hour tip on average)

Pay frequency : 2 times per month

Corporate culture : veganism, attention to detail, quality of work

This job is :

  • open to those who do not have a high school or college diploma.
  • a good choice for those who have gaps in their CV or who have not been in the job market for 6 months.
  • open to people of all ages, older candidates are encouraged to apply.

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If one of these positions sounds like you and interests you, send us your CV to We look forward to meeting you!