Are your donuts 100% vegan?
Yes! Absolutely everything we offer is vegan.
What does “vegan” mean?
This means that our donuts do not contain dairy products, eggs, honey, gelatin, animal fat or any derivative of animal products. We only use ingredients of plant origin.
Do you offer nut and peanut free donuts?
Yes, some donuts are nut and peanut free, but we are not a certified tree nut and peanut free company, so cross contamination is possible. We do not recommend our donuts if you have a nut or peanut allergy.​
Do you offer gluten-free donuts?
No, we do not offer gluten-free donuts. We do not recommend our donuts if you have celiac disease.
Do your donuts contain trans fats ?
Our donuts contain no trans fat or cholesterol.​
How long can you keep your donuts?
Our donuts are fresh daily and are best eaten the same day. We do not recommend eating them the next day or trying to store them in the refrigerator or in a plastic container, they will only age faster!​

How can I buy donuts?

You can pre-order your box on our website with a credit card and choose your pickup date or you can come to the store and choose your donuts on site.

Do you offer donut delivery?
Yes, we offer delivery, go to the "Order here" tab to place your order. By entering your postal code, you will see if the delivery reaches your area.